Parenting is an art. It should be expressive, creative and intentional, all simultaneously. It expresses our way of life, reflecting  our morals and beliefs. It requires imagination as to create environments and opportunities for thriving. It must all be done on purpose, with purpose, because it is for a purpose.

Telling them who they are

This has nothing to do with controlling the outcomes of their lives or forcing your desires for them on them. This has everything to do with equipping them for their own, unique life on earth. What does this equipping look like exactly?

This equipping looks like affirming them each day with the very words of THE Father; speaking those words over them in every day conversations and teaching them to declare the words over themselves.

Teaching self-examination

If I teach a child all the skill in the world yet not the skill of thinking for his/herself, it’ll be like showing a trainee electrician all the different wires and cables but never training him how they connect correctly. He is left to experiment for himself…

Knowing to think for yourself is much about knowing to choose the right over the wrong. Many, young and old, will follow after the ways of the world, being easily overwhelmed by ungodly pressures and being carried away with the deceptions of the age. In every day moments, look for ways to lift your child’s way of thinking to a higher place. You’ll be surprised how many of these opportunities will present themselves!

Inspiring a love for God 

This has got be the number one goal. Why? A love for God will not only cause your child to be successful, triumphant, victorious in this life but will also see them through to eternity with God. We truly cannot make anyone love someone. True love is not forced—of course, we should all know that.  As parents, however, we are unquestionably in the best possible position to show Jesus to our children.

Dear friends, if there were some “steps” to follow, some sort of shortcut I could give you to achieve this specific goal, I’d tell you. The truth is, we can only inspire a love for Him through our own love for Him because it WILL show in our every day lives. So, my plea here is for you to relentlessly give Him your time.

No one set out to build a successful business without a business model. No one set out to climb the highest mountain without the correct gear. No one set out to break a world record without knowledge of what to do. Needless to say, Mr No One wasn’t very successful.  Let’s not be like him. Let’s know our goals and live with them in mind every day.