With over 5 billion copies in print, translations in 341 languages (in whole) and 2123 languages (in part), The Bible is undoubtedly the best-selling and most widely distributed book of all time.

Made up of 66 books, by 40 writers, it has transformed people’s lives and remodelled whole societies for centuries long. Throughout world history, around the globe, it has been a cause for heavy persecution, costing men, women and children their very lives if they will not denounce their belief in its revelations. They’ve regarded the treasures found within it to be more worthy than life.

History also shows us that evil agendas to change this Book, hide it or complicate it have been conceived in (and enforced from) religious and political inner rooms to try to control the masses—but that many brave men have died to get it into mine and your hands in its pure form. Many brave men have died so that, in the midst of the deceived masses, there would be some who would know truth and receive the knowledge, understanding and wisdom revealed in its pages.

What does The Bible have to do with parenting? Everything. In it’s very simplest form, The Book, itself, is an incredibly detailed narrative (from beginning to end) of parent and child; one Father and His beloved Son. There is nothing we can face that is new to Him and if you and I would base our parenting on every single principle He has given us, it will revolutionise everything.

When bringing up your children, The Bible will show you what to do and how to do it! It will be to you a lamp and a light throughout your parenting journey—the most important part of the journey being seeing your children living for God. Many Christians, even pastors and leaders, lose their children to the world’s pull because of using their own ways and methods (those taught to them by culture, society, the world) rather than the principles given to us in The Bible.

Although there are multiple writers of the books of The Bible, there is ultimately one Author. He is God and He is the True and Living God. He is an expert in interpreting His own Book to you! (It’s been said that The Bible is the only book which, in order for you to understand it, needs the Author’s interpretation. It’s true). Those who have tried to use it without having a personal relationship with its Author have gone terribly wrong. So simply turn to Him today.

Friends, let us not approach the Bible as mere literature or just as a historical account. It’s a supernatural Book and God is more than willing to give you supernatural revelation from it for your parenting (for your life!), every day.